To release all its color, flavor and aroma, follow one of these instructions:


1) Put the threads into a hot liquid (water, broth, cream, lemon, wine, vinegar…) according to the recipe and make an infusion for ten minutes at least, stirring it occasionally.

Add the liquid, previously strained, to the dish you prepare. If you want to use the threads as decoration, don’t strain the infusion. Add them in the final minutes of cooking.


2) Toast the threads at a soft heat source for two or three minutes. Crush them using a mortar or the back of a spoon. Use the crushed saffron as it were threads, follow the previous instructions from the point one.


3) In contrast to saffron threads, saffron powder doesn’t need any previous preparation. It is enough to add it at the end of cooking. For those dishes without broth or sauce, dissolve the saffron in a small quantity of hot liquid (according to your recipe) before pouring it over the food.